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Finn Kayaks: Kayak, Canoe, Surf Ski, SOT, SUP, Fishing Kayaks, Recreational & AMSA NSCV Commercial Dinghy/ Tenders RESCUE BOATS PERTH SYDNEY MELBOURNE DARWIN BRISBANE
Welcome to our site

FINN  KAYAKS  and  DINGHIES  is a Western Australian  company owned by Alwyn Duke       that manufactures in WA , quality plastic   Kayaks   Canoes   Surfskis   SUP   Dinghies  Tenders AMSA Complient Commercial dinghies  Rescue Vessels  Survival Craft   paddles  and Accessories here in west australia.  

It is our philosophy that Kayaking in all its forms should be accessible to all who wish to venture onto the water and experience the wonderful calming and joy that is gained from the sport.

Most design work is also done 'in house' by owner/director Alwyn Duke   from a pedigree of international racing kayaks. Most designing is done on computer design softwear [ with the help of a very well known local Navel Architect] and CNC routed for a 'true' shape 

To this end we  design  and produce a fleet of boats that cater for not only the experts among us, but also those at the very beginning of their kayaking and boating careers.

All craft are designed and built to suit local tough Australian conditions using aust made poly plastic with an 11 year or 22 year UV Proof stabilizers   [not the same material as cheap imported toys]  

  We also supply and manufacture a wide range of accessories

  • Factory and showroom Address:
  • 113 Forsyth Street,
  • O'Connor, Western Australia
  • Phone: 08 9314 3109
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Check the latest video of our Sharkie dinghy : >